A Woman's Guide to Firearms

Thank you for your interest in this unique

course. A Woman's Guide to Firearms looks

at firearms and shooting from a woman's point

of view. The program covers a video presentation,

an over view of the new Castle Law, situational

awareness and Florida  Chapter 790 Weapons

and Firearms.


We will also be discussing the choices of weapons

suitable for use by women and the pros and cons

of concealed carry. If you want to use this

course to get your Concealed Weapon Permit you

will have to fire a weapon at the range.  If you do

not have a firearm one along with ammunition will

be available to you.


This course will be taught in the home of the hosting

person much like a Tupperware party.  If the party

has more than 10 the  host receives a free course.

This free course may be used by the host or given

away as a door prize. The course will run 2 to 3 hours

and 1 hour at the range.


If you have a group of friends or co workers who may

be interested in this program please contact us. 


Cost:  $65.00 per person and includes range time firearm

and ammunition if you do not have one. Groups of 10

or more get a reduced rate of $55. per person


Woman Uses Firearm To Fend Off Intruder

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