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This site is dedicated to providing the residents and Non Residents of Brevard County Florida, Orange County, Volusia County, Cocoa, Rockledge, Merritt Island, Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Palm Bay, Cocoa Beach, Port St. John, Mims, Titusville, Scottsmore, Cape Canaveral, Suntree, Viera,  Indialantic, Satellite Beach, Orlando, Daytona and the State of Florida with viable information on Concealed Weapon Permit Training, Basic & Advanced Firearm Training, and information on the laws of firearm use and owner ship, along with Marksmanship Instruction in rifle, shotgun and handgun. Non-Residents see us about a non-resident Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Course. Florida Firearms thanks

you for your support.




     Florida Firearm Training


wi t

               Serving Brevard County, and Central

            Florida with basic and advanced firearm

            training as well as Concealed Weapon



Next course August 12th 6pm scroll down for information on these course's:  

All standard 4 hour CWP  Courses are only $45.00 for Public Courses & $65 For Private. o


If  you have taken the FWC online Hunter Safety Course and need someone to

sign off on the Firearm Qualification Target we will be glad to do that for

you.  Call us to make an appointment. $25.00  you will be responsible

for range time, ammo, and rifle or handgun.


If you took one of those $39.95 CWP courses at the hotel and now you need to learn

to shoot take a look at our First Shot Course listed below.  We also have a 1 hour

Learn To Shoot Course that is basic firearm training and includes, range time,

targets, and a hand gun to use if you do not have one.  You will have to buy

or bring your own ammunition. $55.00. Call for an appointment.


There is a new course that we will be offering beginning in September 2020.

It is called First Shot, statistics show that in a deadly force situation if

the offender is struck with the first shot your survival rate is 98%. The

course is 2 hours long and taught on an individual basis. Will include

100 rounds of ammunition and a spare magazine, range time and target's.

Cost of the course is $99.00 We also supply a 9mm handgun if you do not

have one. You may call for information or to schedule an appointment.

We are now taking appointments for Private CWP Courses. You may

schedule these courses to suit your needs or days and times that

are convenient for you.  Please call or email for

details.  321-759-2612





time expires you are on your own.  Get

that permit now before another storm

causes an evacuation.   


We now have a state of the art TRAINING SIMULATOR

on site at the Training Center. 100's of training situations

from Personal Defense to Law Enforcement to Zombie Attack.

Simulator Time Is  $25.00 per 1/2 hour  additional person $10.00.

Call or come in to make an appointment

Click here for a sampling.


We now have an all in one Concealed Weapon

Permit Training Course.  This course will include:


1.  The Concealed Weapon Permit Course

2.  One hour training on our state of the art simulator

3.  Up to one hour of one on one training at the American

     Police Hall of Fame Range which will include range

     time, targets and a 50 round box of ammunition.

     The cost of this all inclusive package is $199.00.

     Call for details and availability.


Private learn to shoot and CWP courses are  available by

appointment.  All courses taught by N.R.A. Certified

Instructors.  Schedule Tuesday through Friday.

Range time & Targets are included in all

CWP Courses.  Cost $65.00  321-759-2612 to schedule.

call or email for availability.  Learn to shoot $45.00

Private CWP $65.00


We also have CWP courses for Non-Resident Permits.


Our Classrooms and Range are indoors for your comfort.

No shooting in the rain, sun or swatting mosquitoes.


If you are from out of state and desire a non-resident course

give us a call to schedule a time.


Why do I need a Concealed weapon permit?

1. Allows you to carry a concealed weapon

    or firearm in the state of Florida and

    the 35 other states where it is recognized.

2. Acts as a Firearm Buyers Card in Florida

    If you have a current CWP you do not have

    to wait 3 days to pick up your firearm from

    the dealer.  Just pay fill out the form and

    leave with your new firearm the same day.

3. Provides safety for you and your family

    when you are out and about.


These course's move at a pace that is conducive to learning

This is not a shooting intensive course, all live fire is done

one on one with a certified instructor. You will never be alone

when handling a firearm.  You will fire in a stress free supervised

environment. When you complete the course you will have

satisfied all requirements for certification under FL 790 to receive 

a CCW Permit.


Course's :  Last updated 8/10/20


Sunday August 9th 9:00am Limited to 20 Students.


To Register & Pay All course are Pre-Pay


Wednesday August 12th 6pm limited to 20 students .


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course


Sunday August 16th 9:00pm limited to 20 .


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course


Saturday August 22nd 8:00am limited to 20 students


To Register & Pay Deposit For Any of our other courses

Wednesday August, 26th 6:00pm limited to 20


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course

 Sunday August 30th 9:00am limited to 20 students


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course


Saturday September 5th 8:00am limited to 20 students .


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course


Sunday September 13th 9:00am limited to 20 students .


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course


Wednesday September 16th 6:00pm limited to 20 students .


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course


Saturday September 19th 8:00am limited to 20 students .


To Register & Pay Deposit For This Course


Group CWP course's will be held at our training facility

Located at Freedom Guns 1255-C Florida Avenue

Rockledge Florida.


Fall special beginning in September Group

CWP Courses $45.00

321-759-2612 to register for all up coming courses


This is a 4 hour quality course that will give you all

the information that you need to know when, where,

how and when not to act when carrying a firearm,

all course time is spent on your learning experience

and safety. Our session on You And The Law will

give you the information you need to stay out of

trouble.  Our instructor has over 30 years teaching

this information. 


These course's are open to both residents and non-residents


Location:  These course's will be held in our training

facility located at Freedom Guns 1255-A Florida Avenue

in Rockledge Florida


All classroom materials provided as follows:


  1. State of  Florida CCW Application Packet if needed
  2. Firearm and Ammunition for the course so there will

        be no need to bring anything with you.            

    3. Range Time, Targets, Hearing and Eye Protection.

    4. Certificate of Completion to submit with your application.



Register & Pay Deposit  For Course's





When you pay the deposit it also serves as your

registration. You will later receive an e mail's

from the credit card company which is

your confirmation of payment and the address

of the course. If you have a problem with the

registration feel free to call.


If you can not wait inquire about a private course

in your home, business or our private classroom.


If you have a CWP and carry a firearm or other

weapon you need to have a lawyer who can give

you advice on the law or come to you at a moments

notice if you are involved in an incident. Legal

Shield, Firearms Legal Defense Program

will provide these services at a very reasonable

monthly or annual fee.  They are who we use and who

I would recommend.  Just the fact that you know help

is only a phone call away will give you ease of mind. 

You can sign up for Legal Shield Protection at

Freedom Guns 1255-A Florida Ave. in Rockledge Fl.


We have course's for both Florida residents

and Non-Residents.  Here on Vacation,

make an appointment for a private

CWP Course.


Florida Permit Now Recognized in 38 States

Florida Non-Resident Permit Recognized in 32 States.


Watch This Right To Carry Video

Click here to see video, use the BACK BUTTON

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If none of our dates work for you, call about a

private course for you or your group.

see below for details on  private courses .



Private CWP Courses

Call to make an appointment for a private course or class.

Individual courses available Monday Through Friday

individual courses have a cost of $65. per person Based

on availability.  If you are here on vacation or visit

regularly see us about a Non-Resident Permit Course.


Get some friends together and have a CW Permit Course

party at your home. Party's with more than 10 get the

same rate per person as a regular course gets.

Also for parties of more than 10 the host get a free

course and the cost is reduced by $5 per student.


There is a course available on a one on one basis for

basic self-defense shooting.  The instructor for this

course was trained by one of the schools that does

training for the military.



We recommend these people for all

of your self-defense training needs.



We now have courses for Court Required Training

For both Adults and Juveniles.  We cover all of Brevard

County, Florida.


If part of your sentence or probation requires it call us.

Done in the privacy of your own home so you are not

forced to sit in public course.  Cost of this course is



You And The Law

(Ignorance of the law is no excuse)


If you have never attended a course that covers the

Concealed Weapon laws of the State of Florida and

use of Deadly Force in depth, we suggest that you

take one of our "You And The Law" courses.  This

course may be scheduled for group's up to 25. If you

have a group of people that may be interested in

this course please contact us. Our instructor has over

25 years experience in this area.


The course length is 2 hours and the cost is $25.00 per person.

(Does not meet requirements for CCW permit)



Fla. Dept. of Agriculture

38 States where  Florida license

is accepted

Email Us


Private firearm training course click here  

This is a beginner course taught by an

NRA Certified Instructor.


We will be glad to schedule a one on one

session with your firearm before

or after you take the course.


No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. Thomas Jefferson
The right of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and
of the lawful authority of the state shall not be infringed, except the manner of
bearing arms may be regulated by law.  "The Florida Constitution"

All courses are taught by an 

Certified Firearm Instructor.


 Email Us


        A Woman's Guide to Firearms

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We have a new course available to groups of

women. "A Woman's Guide to Firearms"

this will be a basic learning course geared

toward women and will also meet the criteria

to get your concealed weapon permits. Call

to arrange one of these courses for your group.

Click Here For More Information


Florida Law allows  you to take your firearm

to work in your car if you have a Florida Concealed

Weapon Permit and is permitted by your employer.

Get it here Stress Free and Quickly   on you schedule


FL. Law on Concealed Weapon

in Vehicle While at Work


Photo by Oleg Volk




Did you know Florida Firearm Training has discounted

rates for private groups of 10 or more and can conduct

a Stress-Free Concealed Weapon Permit Course at your

Home, Office or Facility at your convenience. We want

to make you aware that these services are immediately



"A well regulated militia, being necessary

  to the security of a free state, the right of

  the people to keep and bear arms, shall not

  be infringed"


Using firearm in your home


This is Who we Recommend



NRA Homepage

Join the NRA

Florida Dept. of Agriculture

Issues CW License's

(850) 245-5691


To Apply At A Regional Office

Get It Quicker


Regional Offices

Make an appointment

Orlando Regional Office 8:00 a.m. to 4:

How To Apply

Information On How To Apply

H.R. 218 Nationwide Concealed Carry for Cops   

Firearms Talk ..com 

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Thomas Jefferson quoting Cesare Beccaria: Laws that forbid the

carrying of arms . . . disarm only those who are neither inclined nor

determined to commit crimes . . . Such laws make things worse for

the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to

encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be

attacked with greater confidence than an armed man".